One Hundred and Two


One Hundred and Two

The traffic’s barely moving
on the main road out
of my heart.
That’s how they explained it.
They said they could fix it
but I told them to save
their gadgets for someone
who could use them.

My memory’s good
enough but I’m growing more regretful
every day.

Whoever said practice makes perfect
must have been a young man.

Sit here too long
and you can feel the world
shaking you
off its back like a wet dog.
They tell me I’ve got cataracts too.
That’s why there are clouds
everywhere I look.

– Art Nahill

Art is a general physician at Auckland Hospital who emigrated to NZ  from the U.S. ten years ago with his kiwi wife and two boys and now enjoys rugby, cricket, and watching American politics from afar.