an Intro by Glenn Colquhoun


Hi everyone – I realised not long ago that I’ve spent nearly 20 years now balancing careers in writing and in medicine. I’m not sure I ever really meant for that to happen. For what it’s worth, for most of that time I haven’t written about medicine – but that hasn’t stopped both disciplines becoming deeply entwined. This project is close to my chest mainly because doctors keep telling me their stories whenever I tell them mine – and I’m struck by just how powerful they are and what they tell us about our patients, ourselves, and the society we live in. The older and uglier I get, the more I keep worrying at the idea that for all that science is the basis of western medicine, I actually live my working life in story. That’s what tells me most about what might be going on with a patient and what might be worth doing about it. I love hearing what you do out there. I learn from it and I’m humbled by it … so please summon up the courage and write it down for us. We’d love to read it.

Glenn is a GP working in youth health in Horowhenua