Glenn Colquhoun’s Blog: “Kia Ora”


18 January 2016:  Kia ora everybody – well it is the new year and our website is up and running. Yay!  After a flurry of submissions at the end of last year we are steadily catching up to ourselves and settling some new pieces into place.

Please take a look at the poems by Art Nahill.  We will soon publish some work from Jenni Waddell, as well as stories by Greg Judkins and Trevor Lloyd, they are a fantastic evocation of medicine as it is practiced – with all its push and shove and stillness. We are also getting ready to put up some writing from Sinead Donnelly, a palliative care physician in Wellington hospital, talking about her experiences there – but there is lots of room for more. We have also archived a few more pieces of writing that haven’t made it to the website, as everything seems worthy of keeping as a record of what doctors see in their practicing lives.

Hopefully what is written here will stick somewhere when you are consulting, and you will recognise a similar situation when it arrives – or maybe it will inspire you to try and catch that glimpse of something invisible you thought you saw, and get you to pull it out of thin air and tie it to the page flapping. We’re hungry for more so have a think about scribbling something for us. We’ll do our best to help you take it from there.

Cheers, Glenn.